When process becomes more important than content, you’re dead


In this month’s Forbes, George Scangos, the CEO of Biogen, a pharma, had what I thought was a great quote:

“When process becomes more important than content, the company is dead”

In this case,  Scangos was referring to the bureaucratic approval and review process that he encountered when he first became CEO at Biogen.  Internal teams were focusing so much on the review process, that they lost sight of what they were supposed to be doing – bringing new drugs to market.

I see this kind of thing happen with BPM – usually at a client that is just getting started using the technology.  You get so focused on the mechanics of BPM – process discovery, process modeling, playback, deploy, optimize – that it can be really easy to miss the main drivers for adopting BPM in the first place!  If you are automating a broken process, or optimizing an outdated way of doing things, your BPM project is dead.  BPM is about working together more effectively, and improving how you work over time.  The technology is just an enabler to accomplish those goals.


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